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Cultural Awareness for Tourists

Discover True Emirati Culture

The UAE is a fabulous country who’s people are some of the most genuine, hospitable and courteous you will ever be likely to encounter anywhere in the world. But this is not the US nor Europe, this is the UAE steeped in centuries of tradition and devout religious following. One of the reasons I’m sure you are looking to travel to the UAE is to experience the deep, rich history and traditions on offer. Always remember that you are in a different country with a different culture and belief system to the majority of westerners, we can seem as strange to them as they might sometimes appear to us.


It’s like the old saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” – it is just common courtesy to respect your hosts as we expect visitors to our country to respect our laws and traditions. To ensure that your stay is memorable, for all the right reasons, keep in mind that you are no longer in your own country. Respect the laws and values of the country and your stay should be an extremely enjoyable one! In order to provide a better understanding for tourists, its essential to provide them with relevant information, which will prevent them from committing offences that could land them in trouble and make sure their behavior enhances respect for the UAE’s traditions and its people.

What Can I Learn?

Introduction to the Emirati Culture

Tribal Life

Emirati Cuisine

History of the UAE and its Rulers

Marriage Life in the UAE

Respectful Communication with Emiratis

General Understanding of Islam

Traditional Clothing

Awareness of Do’s and Don'ts

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