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Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness & Understanding

While there is no official definition for this term, Cultural Awareness generally refers to the ability to take one’s self out of the normal way of thinking in order to appreciate and learn the different cultural values and customs of a foreign country. What may be normal and acceptable in one setting, may be unusual or unacceptable in another.

Cultural Awareness

Why is it so important?

Because misunderstandings ar elikely to arise due to the difference in expectations, Cultural Awareness becomes an influential factor when we are required to interact with people coming from other cultures - especially when it comes to business.

To be completely aware of all Cultural Dynamics is very difficult. Culture is innate and is something we are raised with - not something we consciously think about.

Cultural Understanding

Our experiences, values and backgrounds lead us to think a certain way and in a diverse city such as Dubai, Cultural Understanding is an aspect we must constantly practice. This brings us all to the realization that we are not all the same and that each situation may require a different solution.

At #MyHub, we value and promote the importance of Cultural Awareness. Our tours and events are meant to be A Guided Cultural Journey to enlighten people, whether corporates, residents or tourists, with the charm of Emirati Culture and their traditions.

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