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Corporate Cultural Awareness

Why Is Cultural Awareness Important For Companies?


There are different factors that a company has to consider when moving into a foreign market. Dealing with national stakeholders and preparing a team to be successful can be a challenging task. Cultural Awareness is a factor that is often overlooked in International Businesses.


Some questions that can arise when it comes to diversity, especially in Dubai are:


  • How many expats do you hire?

  • How many expats do you hire every year?

  • Where do they come from?

  • How do you ensure their integration within your team and your organisation?

  • How well are they adjusting with the overall community outside work?

  • How do you ensure that they apply the correct protocols and behave culturally appropriate inside and outside the work environment?


Proper training in Cultural Awareness can help protect your business from a multitude of social, cultural and professional mishaps.

Respectful Communication


Cultural Awareness and Understanding

Cross Cultural Communication

Cultural intelligence

Business Etiquette

How can Cultural Awareness help my business succeed in Dubai? 

Businesses should always handle dealings with cultural sensitivity to avoid offence to nationals and business colleagues, clients and/or suppliers. Cultural Awareness will also avoid the expense of miscommunications.


As an expat in Dubai, it can be difficult to understand the culture, traditions, behaviours and beliefs of other cultures including the culture of the UAE itself. The importance of cross cultural awareness is crucial especially in business communication, meeting protocol, networking and hospitality and public relations. A simple slip up in language and etiquette can win you that deal or heavily damage the reputation of your organization.

Overall, becoming Cultural Awareness will allow your business to handle relations with respect and understanding, resulting in effective cross cultural management and successful business dealings.

How can #MyHub help you achieve your business goals?

Our Cultural Awareness Training Sessions will allow your employees the chance to learn and understand the varied customs and cultures of the country. We can provide these services at the comfort of your own office(s) to help your employees learn in a familiar and relaxed environment. Business Dealings can be challenging but with our Cross Cultural Training, your team can improve their Cultural Awareness helping your business become an industry leader at the forefront of the business hub that is Dubai.

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